The Grand New Zealand Roadtrip ( 26th Dec 2009 to 19th Jan 2010 ) celebrates the freedom of discovering the world on a motorcycle. It has been conceived by xBhp, an India based motorcycling community where we encourage safe riding and photography as the two most important aspects of a roadtrip.


The Grand New Zealand Roadtrip ( 26th Dec 2009 to 19th Jan 2010 ) is a one of a series of road trips that has been conceived and executed by xBhp, an Indian motorcycling community. It will see Sunny, an Indian motorcycle travel photojournalist and representative of xBhp, travel around New Zealand in 25 days and 7000 kms. xBhp means x amount of braking horsepower.

The overall aim of this roadtrip is to promote safe travel & discovery by motorcycle and photography. A little background on the current state of Indian motorcycling scenario would be good for our fellow motorcyclists in other parts of the world.

India is currently undergoing rapid ‘motorcyclization’, and these types of motorcycles are not the ones which probably would flash in front of your eyes, atypical of India, they are not the mopeds which are used to haul newspapers and milk cans, but your state of the art crotch rockets.

Not long before, importing and owning a high capacity motorcycle (250CC+) in India was an incredible headache and therefore mostly done illegally to avoid the complicated procedures. But since 2007, certain restrictions have been lifted and simplified on 800+ CC category motorcycles. This meant that no matter if you don’t have experience in riding anything bigger than a 220CC, 21 Bhp Indian bred motorcycle, you will have to buy a 1000 CC 150+ bhp monster (if you have the money that is).

There is no concept of motorcycle training schools in India yet, and there is no progressive introduction of high capacity motorcycles on one’s license. Now imagine a novice riding a 1000CC motorcycle in India without any training whatsoever – that is a sure recipe for an on-road homicide! There are a lot of youngsters also buying these kinds of motorcycles without a sense of direction or guidance on how to use the power responsibly.

xBhp as India’s most popular motorcycling community and portal is in a unique position to disseminate safe riding advice online and offline. We are the only club who has gone not once, but twice around India on race bred Superbikes. The first roadtrip involved a Honda Fireblade in 2006 and the second one two Yamaha R1s in 2009. Riding superbikes is India with all its traffic and zero road etiquette is no mean feat, at the same time it is unlike any place on earth with its colourful people and landscapes and of course the mighty Himalayas.

We also recently launched an online safe riding initiative : The Art of Safe Riding.

We suggest you have a look at The Great Indian Roadtrip website to have a dramatic change of perspective on how you will see India.

xBhp has also gone around Australia, New Zealand and Ireland on motorcycles.

Now that we have some history on Indian motorcycling and xBhp, it would be good to look at one more booming activity in India – Photography. There is mind boggling creative talent in this field and we aim to fuel that positive by inspiring young people through our trips. In fact we feel that motorcycle travel mixed with photography is a potent combination of positive energy which can change and develop an individual for the better.

That said we not only hope to have an effect on the young India but across the world with what we do.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy New Zealand through Sunny and xBhp’s eyes and get inspired yourself (or inspire us even more by leaving a message!).

We thank our main sponsors, Castrol Power1, CEAT and Suzuki Motorcycles (New Zealand) to enable us to carry out this roadtrip and reach out to thousands of people.

Happy Clicking and Safe Riding!