The Grand New Zealand Roadtrip ( 26th Dec 2009 to 19th Jan 2010 ) celebrates the freedom of discovering the world on a motorcycle. It has been conceived by xBhp, an India based motorcycling community where we encourage safe riding and photography as the two most important aspects of a roadtrip.

I firmly believe in one thing - the internet and digital technology has changed the world for the better. If only we make use of only renewable energy cells in all the gadgets and vehicles...

Being a gadget freak I would love to take all sorts of gadgets on the road with me on roadtrips like this, but then there are luggage limitations and the need to travel light cannot be over emphasized. The solution is to use the the minimum number of gadgets providing maximum number of uses.

The three things I cannot live without on roadtrips such as these are :

  • The HP Envy. They say it is the most beautiful laptop they have ever made. I agree. And with 4 Gigs of RAM and the i7 processor, it has got power to mach the BKing in the real world! The laptop is the most important thing for me after my camera. Without it I cannot share my pictures or blogs, I am effectively incapacitated. I always wonder how have we managed to fit in so much technology and power in such a small form factor.
  • The Apple iPhone 3G. It's a micro mini computer! From short bursts of very animated (and physically involving!) NFS games to saving your ass when you are lost with its wonderful Maps, it is in a class of its own. Even when you discount that there it is a full blown music player too!

Besides this I have a waterproof TomTom Rider2 GPS which has been faithful to me across 24,000+kms on The Great Australian Roadtrip as well.

I usually use the iPhone to take and upload photos to Facebook on the move. Later when the day ends I download all photos from my DSLR to the laptop and selectively process them using techniques like HDR etcetra.

I also have an Apple iPod classic 30GB to take backup of my photos and work on the trip.

You can know more about how I work on my personal site.