The Grand New Zealand Roadtrip

February 16, 2010

Day 21: Jan 13th : Christchurch – Akaroa – Kaikoura

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After two days of rain in Christchurch and a very nice dinner with a NZ family last evening it was a very welcome change to see sunshine. I decided to head out to Akaroa once again. The run from Christchurch to Akaroa and back took around 3 hours with plenty of photo stops.

I would have no problems in crowning this day with a title of ‘Sheep Day’. The number of ruminating herbivores on the way and back from Akaroa was astounding. There is a certain sense of peace and paradox in watching a cow or a sheep grazing all day long on grass. Peace: because they seem so relaxed and at ease, like they need nothing to live except grass. Paradox: because they seem so greedy, it seems no amount of grass is enough for them. I have almost never seen a sheep just relaxing and not nibbling away at some plants, until today.

This essay seems written by a flora research student rather than a motorcylist. Yes, this is what hundreds and thousands of sheep and cows can do to your sane mind, everywhere you look they are there!

If you happen to be in Christchurch do make it a point to drive/ride to Akaroa via the Summit road. You will be greeted with fantastic blue waters of Akaroa Harbour and the Pacific Ocean. But remember – try and go only on a day when the sunshines, or you will miss the beautiful colors which make this place an artist’s palette.

My ride from Christhurch to Kaikoura was nothing to harp about. It again because very clouds and dull. I got a first hand demo of how much sunshine matters to make a ride beautiful. When I was riding to Kaikoura last time (in 2008) it was sunny and I was astounded by the road from south to Kaikoura. Have a look at one of the pictures from my ride then on a Concours 14:

^Kaikoura in 2008

But today I didnt even stop once to take a photo from Christchurch to Kaikoura, it was all so dull and gray…

Summit hill road to Akaroa


My hotel in Christchurch


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